Exo is a South Korean boy group formed by SM Entertainment in 2011, with their name coming from the word “exoplanet”. Originally with 12 members, they were divided into two sub-groups, Exo-K and Exo-M, performing in Korean and Mandarin respectively, and promoted their music in both South Korea and China. They debuted with their first televised performance at SBS’s annual Gayo Daejun event on December 29, 2011 while their first single “What Is Love” was released on January 30, 2012 in both South Korea and China.

However, on May 15th of 2014, SM Entertainment confirmed that Exo-M’s leader Kris had filed a lawsuit in order to be removed from the group, stating violation of human rights as the main reason. On October 10th of the same year, Luhan of Exo-M also filed a lawsuit to nullify his contract due to poor health and to being treated differently than the Korean members. A year later, on August 24th of 2015, Exo-M’s Tao also filed an official lawsuit against SM Entertainment due to lack of support of his individual career and because of injuries. Thus, Exo now continues with 9 members.

Exo does not have an “official” fan club, but most fans call themselves Ex0-L, short for “Exo Lovers” or “Exo Likers”. As such, they also do not have official fan colors, but their group logo is very distinct and has been modified for each album the group has released.

Below is a basic introduction to each member.


Real Name: Kim Jun-myeon

Stage Name: Suho

Position: leader, leas vocalist

Nicknames: Esuhort, Sunnouncer, Little Siwon, Grandpa Suho, Joonma

Birthday: May 22, 1991

Subunit: Exo-K

Super Power (Badge): Water

Fact 1: His name means “guardian”, as he is the leader or guardian of Exo. 

Fact 2: He is known to make “dad jokes”, which many fans love, but Exo members find it embarrassing. 

*Extra Fact: He’s actually Buddhist, and it sometimes shows in his personality.*


Real Name: Kim Min-seok

Stage Name: Xiumin 

Position: eldest, lead vocalist, lead dancer

Nicknames: Steamed bun/Baozi, Umin, Mandoo

Birthday: March 26, 1990

Subunit: Exo-M, Exo-CBX

Super Power (Badge): Frost (Snowflake)

Fact 1: He is known to be very neat and tidy, paying attention to little details, almost to the point of OCD.

Fact 2: The members say that he is both the funniest and strongest in the group.


Real Name: Zhang Yixing

Stage Name: Lay

Position: main dancer, vocalist

Nicknames: Xingxing

Birthday: October 7, 1991

Subunit: Exo-M

Super Power (Badge): Healing (Unicorn)

Fact 1: Sometimes he seems as a strong person with a cold personality because he usually has a blank expression on his face, but he can be caring and funny, he’s even considered to be the mood maker in Exo-M. 

Fact 2: He likes to cook and will cook if he has nothing to do. 


Real Name: Byun Baek-hyun

Stage Name: Baekhyun

Position: main vocalist

Nicknames: Sun gun, Bacon

Birthday: May 6, 1992

Subunit: Exo-K, Exo-CBX

Super Power (Badge): Light (Sun)

Fact 1: He is a very cheerful and friendly person, often time causing a lot of mischief in the dorms and backstage with Chanyeol. However, he sometimes needs a few minutes to recharge his energy, a time period where you should not bother him. 

Fact 2: He has a fear of heights, called acrophobia. 


Real Name: Kim Jong-dae

Stage Name: Chen

Position: main vocalist

Nicknames: orange, Chenchen

Birthday: September 21, 1992

Subunit: Exo-M, Exo-CBC

Super Power (Badge): Lightning (Scorpion)

Fact 1: He’s not an exceptional dancer, though he isn’t horrible at it. A fan once called him “Dancing Machine”, causing the other members to laugh. 

Fact 2: He hopes to get better at Mandarin so that he can speak more, as one of the many reasons he is deemed as quiet is because he doesn’t know how to say what he wants in Mandarin.


Real Name: Park Chan-yeol

Stage Name: Chanyeol

Position: main rapper, vocalist

Nicknames: Happy Virus, Giraffe, Giant

Birthday: November 27, 1992

Subunit: Exo-K

Super Power (Badge): Fire (Phoenix)

Fact 1: He is about 6 feet tall, which is why he is called a “giraffe”.

Fact 2: He owns a white cat. 


Real Name: Do Kyung-soo

Stage Name: D.O

Position: main vocalist

Nicknames: umma/eomma, Dudu, Dyo

Birthday: January 12, 1993

Subunit: Exo-K

Super Power (Badge): Earth

Fact 1: He has a habit of humming songs that he has stuck in his head.

Fact 2: He likes to cook and will often cook for the other members.


Real Name: Kim Jong-in

Stage Name: Kai

Position: main dancer, vocalist, visual

Nicknames: Kkamjong, Kuara, Dance Machine

Birthday: January 14, 1994

Subunit: Exo-K

Super Power (Badge): Teleportation

Fact 1: He was the first member to be revealed as a part of Exo by SM Entertainment, in December of 2011. 

Fact 2: He likes to pat people on the shoulders, but would look weirdly at Exo-M if they do it back (there is a Chinese belief that there are three flames located on the forehead and shoulders, so patting the shoulder is like putting out a flame). 


Real Name: Oh Se-hun

Stage Name: Sehun

Position: maknae, lead dancer, rapper, sub-vocalist


Birthday: April 12, 1994

Super Power (Badge): Wind

Fact 1: He is a very genuine person, unable to lie well and easily cries.

Fact 2: He has trouble pronouncing the letter “s”, causing him to have a slight lisp. 
These are introductions to the past members.

 Real Name: Wu Yifan (Kevin Wu)

Stage Name: Kris

Position: main rapper, vocalist, leader of Exo-M

Nicknames: cowboy, Krease, koala, Benben (dumbdumb)

Birthday: November 6, 1990

Subunit: Exo-M

Super Power (Badge): Flight (Dragon)

Fact 1: He can speak English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin and the slightest bit if French, as he grew up in Canada. 

Fact 2: When he left China, his school’s entire basketball team disbanded. 

Real Name: Lu Han

Stage Name: Luhan

Position: lead dancer, lead vocalist, face of the group

Nicknames: Cute Little Prince, Lulu, Xiao Lu

Birthday: April 20, 1990

Super Power (Badge): telekinesis 

Fact 1: He originally auditioned for JYP Entertainment, but did not get in and and was instead scouted by SM. 

Fact 2: He often acts like a child, but he is actually fond of his flower-boy like image.

Real Name: Huang Zitao (Edison Huang)

Stage Name: Tao

Position: lead rapper, vocalist

Nicknames: Kung Fu Panda, Peach, Gucci Man, Taotao

Birthday: May 2, 1993

Super Power (Badge): Time Control (Hourglass)

Fact 1: He studied wushu and other martial arts for 11 years. 

Fact 2: His favorite animal is a cat; there are some rumors he used to have a black cat.


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